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Medical Transcription Services

We have a team of transcriptionists that is experienced with all levels of work and specialties able to deliver medical transcription services with guaranteed quality.

Legal Transcription Services

By outsourcing, your secretary can manage your office in a more efficient and practical manner as they will not have the pressures of completing the daily typing before the evening post.

Transcription Turn Around

Get your transcribed reports back the very next day through our reliable, secure and state of the art transcription infrastructure. Our normal delivery time for transcribed reports is one business day.

Who Are We

We are specialist transcribers providing legal transcription services, medical typing and typing for businesses and property transcription.

SCRIBEAIDE  is an IT enabled data processing company offering among other services – offers high quality outsourced typing service in medical transcription services for doctors, clinics and hospitals  in US, UK, AUSTRALIA and Middle East. We provide lots of support to get our valued prospects get started. We provide Legal Transcription services to the legal fraternity. Outsourcing your legal and business typing is the ideal way to keep costs down and increase flexibility.

SCRIBE AIDE can  save you up to 50% of the cost of transcription compared to permanent members of staff. Reduce HR problems and make your staff more productive. Or why not use your staff to provide other value added services to your customers?

Guaranteed quality at a low price



Guaranteed transcription standard of better than 98.5% accuracy, so you spend less time checking. Our expert transcribers ensure top quality medical transcription. Right from the start you can expect a quality standard better than you will get from the average temporary typist and for repeat business our typists will match the quality of permanent members of staff. Remember SCRIBEAIDE guarantees the quality of its digital transcription so contact us now for a guaranteed quality digital medical audio transcription service


Low cost digital transcription for overflow work, holiday cover and sickness cover.

Outsourcing your digital transcription or legal typing is the best way to ensure guaranteed service levels, guaranteed fixed costs and guaranteed accuracy. Whether you are looking for medical or legal transcription outsourcing services, we are transcribers offering a range of medical and legal dictation services with quality guaranteed.

We are specialist transcribers providing legal transcription services, medical typing and typing for businesses and property transcription.

We have the friendliest and most supportive service you’ll find; email or telephone now to set up your free trial!


Three Step Process

In just three simple step you’ll get your transcribed documents

Dictate using digital voice recorder

We can advise on choice of recorder or supply to you. We also recommend keeping voice files to a maximum of 2 Mb. If necessary just click stop on your recorder and then press new to start a new voice file.


Choose from different upload methods; email, upload to secure website or ftp. Ask us about your preferred method when you get in touch.

Receive typed document

We then will send you a typed document of your dictation. Scribaide is easy to use and offer a great service. No minimum order level and only pay for what you use, no hidden fees.